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Evergreen Theatre is a not-for-profit registered charity and relies on personal and corporate support. Due to their generous support Evergreen continues to offer some of the lowest priced programs available. Our excellent value to clients exposes over 65,000 school children and teachers annually to our dynamic programs.

Plant the seeds of change for the future. Become an Evergreen Theatre partner.

Evergreen Theatre is a dynamic arts and science theatre company with a unique and respected status in the educational community. Our award-winning programming is highly sought after by schools, parents, and educational partners. Each season, Evergreen has a number of unique partnership opportunities available for companies or individuals interested in philanthropy. Our diversity of programs, both in size and topic, provides an excellent selection of charitable opportunities for all types of donors. Our multiple areas of expertise in arts, science and education make Evergreen an excellent fit for a wide variety of campaigns and initiatives. Our connection to a large audience, and commitment to educational and entertainment excellence, makes Evergreen Theatre the right choice for any partner.

Why Get Involved?

Enhance Your Corporate Image/Increase Your Profile

Consumers have a positive regard for companies that associate themselves with a worthy cause. Support for Evergreen Theatre directly associates your company with a leader in education, environmental initiatives, community and the arts. Evergreen Theatre has strong brand recognition, a solid reputation and is a respected and trusted charity.

Add Value to Your Brand

Bolster your brand by showing a commitment to an established innovator in education. Join the organization that has over 20 years of experience creatively educating children and caring for the environment.

Stand Apart From the Competition

Good business sense understands that consumers are more likely to purchase from companies that distinguish themselves through their support of a worthy cause. Partnership with Evergreen Theatre will help your company stand out from the rest.

Encourage Employee Goodwill and Teamwork

It fosters goodwill when a company demonstrates an interest in the causes its employees care about, namely the future of children and the environment. Evergreen Theatre offers many opportunities for employee involvement, building teamwork across an organization and encouraging corporate spirit.

Attract and Retain Employees

Supporting Evergreen Theatre increases your profile and stimulates interest in your company. People want to work for companies that demonstrate a commitment to the communities where they work, live and do business.

Protect the Future of Your Business

The impact of Evergreen Theatre programming on children is profound. The opportunity to create and perform can be a life-changing experience for some youth. These children are your next generation of customers. Those with positive educational experiences have a much better chance of flourishing and becoming caring members of society. Evergreen's affordability means that we reach as many of these children as possible, helping to create a brighter future for everyone.

Reduce Your Corporate Tax Burden

You will receive a tax-deductible receipt for your philanthropic gift to the organization.


Check out this report done by the Alberta Foundation for the Arts in 2013 about the impact of arts in Alberta