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For only $649 Evergreen will perform a 50-minute signature show with 2 professional actors in your school! Our performances will engage students K-6, with opportunities for older students to perform in the show! All shows feature original music, curriculum-based scriptwriting, and large colourful sets, props, and costumes. Following the show, our Evergreen educators ask related questions about the material presented, reinforcing the topics learned in the production. Evergreen Theatre visits schools throughout Calgary and Edmonton, as well as rural Alberta for no extra traveling cost!


The Sinking Island - Touring Spring 2018

Katie Swells is one of the best young sailors on Storm Island Nova Scotia. After years of hard work and getting to know a sailboat, she’s finally ready to be a part of Storm Island’s biggest sailing race; The Big Circle. But things take a turn when Katie returns home from vacation and discovers that The Big Circle has been cancelled. Her best friend Sam the Seal tells her the water is rising off the island, making the race unsafe for young sailors. Determined to prove herself, Katie sets sail to try the race on her own, followed by a worried Sam. The Sinking Island is a funny and thoughtful nautical adventure that shows how our changing oceans affect the world around us.

Curriculum Links

Grade 1 – Needs of Plants & Animals

In The Sinking Island, Katie and Sam encounter several marine creatures and plant life that are having their needs challenged by the speed of the ocean rising.

ATLANTIC HERRING – Atlantic Herring migrate annually between Nova Scotia and the Eastern US Coastline. This is an important migration for herring as they are seeking out their spawning grounds. Even though the herring have a biological compass, this can be thrown off by delicate changes in their ecosystem, such as fluctuating water temperatures.

CHOKING ALGAE – Algae is a marine plant that thrives on Carbon Dioxide (CO2).  Sometimes algae can have runaway growth due to the larger amount of CO2 found in our atmosphere and oceans. This growth causes the algae to take up more space and nutrients, which can ‘choke’ out other forms of life.

Grade 2 – Hot and Cold Temperatures

ATLANTIC HERRING – Schools of Herring are directly affected by hot and cold temperatures.

As ice in the Arctic melts and contributes to ocean levels rising, the temperature of the sea is also set to change. Colder water will reach farther than before and mix with areas in the ocean that are warmer.

This is easy to picture this by putting an ice cube in a glass of warm water. As the ice melts, the water in the glass rises slightly while making the water in the glass colder.

Grade 3 & 4 – Waste and Our World

ARTIFICAL WASTE IN WORLD OCEANS - Artificial waste in the world’s ocean has become a major issue, particularly in regards to plastics and other items that cannot biodegrade quickly.

This topic is presented in a scene in which saltwater crabs live on a patch waste that floats in the Atlantic Ocean. The patch of trash and plastic the crabs live on is a reference to much larger patches that actually exist in today’s oceans. These patches can vary in size, but the largest known one sits in the Pacific Ocean, and is close in size to some larger US states.

Grade 5 – Weather Watch

CLIMATE CHANGE - Much of the planet’s weather patterns and climate is controlled by ocean currents. These currents stir our oceans and regulate weather, because oceans are connected to the water cycle.

Climate change also has it’s own cycle. As ice in the Arctic melts, colder water is mixed into ocean currents, changing the temperature of the water that is included in the water cycle. Also as the water rises, more precipitation can be expected and more water is introduced into the water cycle.

Grade 6 – Evidence and Investigation

This topic will be on display throughout The Sinking Island. Katie and Sam apply their separate skills and learn from each character they meet on their adventures.

At the beginning of the story, both Sam and Katie have no explanation for why the race has been cancelled and why the water off Storm Island is rising. Each interaction they have with a new creature on the ocean is like finding a new piece of the evidence. Sam and Katie gather this knowledge and use it to investigate their surroundings further.

At the conclusion of the journey, we see Katie and Sam reunited and using what they have learned to share what they have seen with others.

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