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Here's what our clients are saying about Evergreen Theatre:

"My daughter Wynn was in the performance tonight. She was one of the scurvy pirates. Thank you so much for such a wonderful performance and your incredible work with the kids. I was lucky enough to see Miss Holly practice with the kids on Thursday. She was amazing with them. All of your staff were absolutely hysterical tonight. Thank you for allowing my daughter to have such a positive and creative experience. Your company is truly amazing." - Calgary Parent

… "You helped me overcome so many things. At first before I had this experience I was very shy to express myself and jump into the spotlight but now I am past that and not afraid to express myself. This was a truly inspiring program! I no longer have stage fright. Thank you so much" – Jade Age 10

"Thank you so much for coming and giving us an experience of a lifetime. I never thought I would be actually performing in an Evergreen Theatre presentation. It was great. I think our whole class was extremely proud and glad with the show. Nobody was ever left out and everybody had a part." – Blake Age 9

"Fabulous resource. The entertaining format presented the information in an engaging manor. Please keep sponsoring this learning tool that enhances our classroom efforts."- Gr. 5/6 Teacher

"We really enjoyed seeing our peers take on the roles in the play, as the actors seamlessly wove them into the story line. From the set, to the script, to the eclectic musical score and costumes, the production was brilliant in its simplicity. Last, but not least, the message of the play rang true. Our school had very active environmental awareness programs, with re-using, recycling and composting. The use of facts within the script supported both our science curriculum and our school philosophy. We were extremely pleased with the presentation and would highly recommend it to other schools. We will be looking to see that Evergreen Theatre has to offer in the future." – River Valley School, Sundre, AB

"The theatre brought a different and very interesting point of view. As well as being entertaining, the concepts were repeated many times which help students in learning. This was one of the most beneficial programs I have ever see." – Gr. 5/6 Teacher

"Theatre provides another mode of learning. It brings concepts taught in the class to life. These are the activities kids remember most." – Gr. 5 Teacher

"Kids walk away with a message that is more likely to stick because they get involved in it and its entertaining for them." - Gr. 5 Teacher

"There are all kinds of different learners out there and this is a great way to teach kids because they are learning and they don't even know it." - Gr. 5 Teacher - Springbank Elementary

"It is a fun way to get the message across and it really sticks because they get a tune in their heads and are singing their lesson all day long." - Gr. 2 Teacher

…. "The success of Evergreen Theatre in reaching thousands of youth in an effective and fun way provides great opportunities to explore science issues with children and their parents. We know that if we can engage these groups early in life, we have the best chance of improving the well-being of communities and our citizens." - Calgary Health Region

"Today we had the pleasure of having Evergreen Theatre visit our school once again. They entertained while educating and the visit was a huge success. The show nicely reinforced what we have already learned and gave us new ideas to think about. WOW - music, chorography and storyline were all well done." - Kindergarten Teacher - W.H. Cushing Workplace School

"Evergreen Theatre has a very successful program that reaches thousands of youth in a very effective and fun way. They provide a unique, professional, curriculum linked, and proven program. Evergreen is ideally positioned to help us disseminate water protection and conservation messages and materials to students and their families." - The City of Calgary - Water Resources

 "We feel our agriculture educational program benefits from the interactive format of Evergreen Theatre as it is an excellent tool for messaging to our audiences. The fact that their theatre creations are curriculum-based also mesh extremely well with our educational programming mandate, as we work very closely with the elementary school system." - The Calgary Stampede

"Our students and staff would like to thank you for providing such an educational and highly entertaining play. It was truly a fabulous show. You always know how to entertain such a diverse group of students, such as ours, and hold their attention throughout." - Dr. Gordon Townsend School

Thank You Letter