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Evergreen Mission

To create distinctive, dynamic theatrical programming that explores pertinent topics through the arts, and leaves our audience feeling connected, inspired and empowered with science and the natural world.

Distinctive Excellence

Evergreen Theatre...

  1. Creates and produces award-winning curriculum-based performing arts programming
  2. Inspires other professionals through our dynamic arts-integrated programming.
  3. Delivers affordable and accessible educational theatre.
  4. Promotes scientific literacy and the development of critical thinking skills.
  5. Inspires audiences to become responsible, global citizens.
  6. Engages audiences and makes learning fun.
  7. Demonstrates innovative and resourceful methods in all operations.

 What Evergreen Values

  • Life-long Learning and Empowerment
  • Personal Reflection and Growth
  • Positive Experiences
  • Collaboration, Creativity and Innovation
  • Social Responsibility
  • Integrity and Respect
  • Accessibility and Communication

Evergreen Vision

To become a leading innovative educational arts organization, that is recognized and sought after on local, national, and international stages.

Artistic Mandate

Our Artistic Mandate is to collaboratively create new and choice inspiring works, within our Artistic, Educational, and Organizational ethics. We expose young audiences to the magic of live theatre, in most cases for the first time.  We promote employment opportunities to emerging and established artists. We support the arts community by providing affordable office, rehearsal and performance space. We believe there is a great artistic value in producing works using resources of local arts talent.

The Evergreen Style

Evergreen Theatre values a balanced approach to interpretive theatre whereby the elements of entertainment and education are given equal attention and importance.

Artistic Ethics

While Evergreen encourages and nurtures a diversity of entertainment styles, and is dedicated to collaboration with artists of diverse theatrical backgrounds, there are certain elements we consider key to accomplishing the specific objectives of effective interpretative theatre. Thus all of Evergreen Theatre's productions utilize the following elements:

  • Targeting a family audience, inclusive stories for all ages.
  • The use of song, dance, and large expressive characters (which often includes the use of masks and puppets).
  • Costumes and sets that are larger than life, colourful and engaging as well as scientifically accurate.
  • No fourth wall. We consider the audience to be one of the characters, interact with them often, and encourage their participation.
  • "Fact-to-Fiction." All artistic choices (script, costumes, character development) begin based  in scientific fact
  • Relevance. Use of current and relevant information. Evergreen strives to produce shows and residencies that address current environmental and scientific issues and contain an awareness of popular culture and modern sensibilities.

Educational Ethics

Evergreen Theatre operates with an inherent sense of respect for audience intelligence. We recognize the value of the multiple intelligence theory and believe every child and adult is capable of affecting change in his or her world. We endeavour to encourage life long learning. To this end all of our productions strive to:

  • Support mainstream scientific discourse, ensure accurate representation of facts and present a balanced representation of controversial issues.
  • Ensure the inclusion of Government created curriculum in the content of our scripts.
  • Employ techniques that address a variety of learning modalities: visual, auditory and kinaesthetic.
  • Utilize highly effective audience participation techniques and offer opportunities for audience members to be volunteer actors.
  • Develop inquiry-based learning techniques, encourage curiosity in our audience.
  • Ensure our audiences are left feeling empowered with the knowledge that small, personal actions that can affect big change.