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The success of Evergreen Theatre is due, in part, to our dedicated Board of Directors. Some of our members have been active for over 20 years. Members are elected at our Annual General Meeting held each year.

Vamai Goggin - President

Lorne Lillico - Past President

Lorne is a Journeyman Floor Installer by trade and has run his own small businesses' over 40 years. Currently he works as a Field Supervisor for Contempa Flooring. Lorne is highly creative with visual and graphic arts and woodworking skills developed while owning a hand-painted sign company in the 80's. He works as a Set & Construction manager for the Youth Singers of Calgary, which includes working with IATSE at the Jubliee Auditorium. Lorne enjoys working with and mentoring people. He has extensive experience managing the logistics of large stage productions. He has been a member of Evergreen Theatre Society for over 10 years.

Suzanne Eckstadt - Member

Suzanne is a born and raised Calgarian and mother of 3 grown children who has held various positions over the last 30 years, including 13 years with a large non-profit Arts organization in Calgary. She has been a Volunteer Manager, Production Manager, Touring Manager and Marketing & Special Events Manager as well as done contract work and LOTS of volunteering at home and around the world. Most recently her life long love of coffee has led her to become a Starbucks Store Manager where she is enjoying being surrounded by the sight and smell of espresso all day long! Suzanne firmly believes that volunteering has provided her with a rich, meaningful and engaged life that goes well beyond job titles and salaries, and will continue to explore opportunities to be an involved and contributing member of the community.

Kim McCann - Member

Kim is a born and raised Calgarian who is grew up in the Crossroads community. She has worked in various fields such as social services, aviation and most recently in human resources for the last 5 years. Kim has been the head coach of a local baton twirling club for the last 15 years and just formed a baton and pompom club in Cochrane. She is very active in the baton community, mentoring young coaches, guest coaching in other clubs and currently sits as the Coaches Rep for the Alberta Baton Twirling Association. In addition to her work experience, she spends time actively volunteering with the Crossroads Community Association, The Brenda Stafford Foundation and sits on her condominium board of directors.

Jamie - Member

Amy - Member

Kelly - Member

Carly - Member



Founding Members:

  • Scott Mair
  • Tara Ryan
  • Elinor Holt
  • Gerald Matthews
  • Don Enright
  • Monique Keiran
  • Marilyn Ryan - Honorary Lifetime Board Member


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From Left to Right -  Krista, Christina, Chelsea, Vaughan, Lorne, Megan